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The Necessary Qualities of A Great Pediatric Dentist

December 12, 2013

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Dental work is important for all members of the family, but it is especially important that children get good dental care. The following are just some of the possible qualities you might want to look for when selecting a pediatric dentist for your family:


  • The dentist should love children. When you work with kids all day long, it takes a true love and appreciation for them to be able to do the job right. A whole unique set of skills is required when working with kids and the added work and stress requires a true love and understanding.
  • He or she should be very patient. A pediatric dentist needs to be patient when dealing with a  child who is scared or uncooperative.  A pediatric dentist must never yell or try to intimidate a child into doing something.
  • The dentist needs to be authoritative. Authoritative does not mean scary, but rather it means being someone who can give instructions that children will pay attention to and follow. Just as the child knows the parents are in charge at home, the child needs to understand and believe that the dentist is in charge in their office.
  • Pediatric dentists should be compassionate. Children are timid and they are easily hurt, frightened, and intimidated. The dentist needs to be able to adjust to the mood, feelings, and actions of the child. It can be helpful to look for a pediatric dentist who is a parent themselves.
  • The dentist needs to look kind and approachable. Children are very susceptible to appearances, tone of voice, and other mannerisms. With children, their first impressions of the experience are the ones that often last and a dentist that can be seen as a friend is a great way to start off the experience.