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Advantages Of Hiring A Family Dentist

April 25, 2014

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There are many common fears people have about going to the dentists. However the benefits you gain from having a family dentist far outweigh the often irrational fears that may exist. It is time to realize that you should not be afraid of the dentist and here are some common fears and why they should not stop you from getting the care that you and your family needs.

1 Fear of the instruments used vs getting the right treatment

Sometimes, what freaks people out about going to the dentist is the equipment used. Drills, scrapers, needles, they all seem so terrifying. One thing that can help patients overcome this fear is to talk with the dentist about the tools and equipment that will be used. Your dentist wants to help you keep your mouth healthy and keep you pain-free, so learning to feel comfortable around these instruments can go a long way in helping you feel relaxed and letting the dentist do his or her job.

2. Fear of the dentist vs  trusting the dentist

It is not always the case but often times dentists are very down to earth and serious. This can come across as being uncaring, cold, or harsh – which makes feelings of uneasiness even greater. But you need to remember that some people just come across that way and it is nothing personal. Your family dentists is the person you turn to for your oral care and they are the ones who can help you when something goes wrong – from a loose tooth to cavities to oral injuries. It is important to have a good family dentist on call that you feel comfortable with and can trust.

3. Fear of the pain vs relieving the pain

No one likes to feel pain. Even with local anesthesia, there can still be pressure and discomfort. And if you have a phobia of needles, getting the shot of anesthesia can be bad enough. It can help to talk to the dentists about your fears and concerns. Most family dentists know people have these fears and there are things they can do to help you through these times and overcome the fear. The pain you face from neglected oral issues can far outweigh the slight discomfort of having the work done.

4. Fear of the unknown vs being in the know

Humans by nature fear change and the unknown. Going to a dentist and not knowing what they will find or what work may need to be done is perhaps the most terrifying thing about the visit. Talk to your dentists about what needs to be done, what can be done, what you want to have done, and make sure you take an active part in the process. It can help alleviate some of that uncertainty and lessen the fear. When you talk to the dentist you can see how much they do care about you, your family and your dental needs.