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6 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Cleaning

May 2, 2018

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dental cleaningAs part of a preventive care approach at North York Dental, regularly getting a dental cleaning can help patients maintain a healthy mouth. Oral hygiene can affect overall health, linked to cardiovascular disease, bone loss, stroke risk, and other medical issues. While brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily remain essential to your oral care routine, checkups and regular dental cleanings at our dental office at Leslie and Sheppard in North York can help equally sustain mouth health.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

After a physical exam in which your dentist evaluates the teeth and gums, a dental hygienist will perform the teeth cleaning, which involves tooth scaling and polishing. A dental cleaning typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the state of your teeth and gums. The better the state of your oral hygiene, the easier and shorter the teeth cleaning. During the teeth cleaning, your dental hygienist will:

  • Remove calculus or tartar and hardened plaque from tooth surfaces, between the teeth, and around the gums using scaling tools.
  • Polish tooth surfaces with an abrasive polishing compound, making it more difficult for plaque to accumulate on the newly smooth tooth surfaces. Polishing also gives teeth a shiny, clean look, and can help remove external stains.
  • Treat teeth with fluoride, a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel, applying the concentrated fluoride solution to your teeth.

Here are 6 good reasons to schedule a dental cleaning at our Leslie and Sheppard dental clinic:


1)      Refresh your smile

During a professional dental cleaning, the dental hygienist will try to remove some surface stains that discolour your teeth, brightening your smile. Special tools and treatments used during a professional cleaning accomplish what a regular toothbrush and toothpaste (though still important) cannot at home.

2)      Prevention of Gum Disease

Regular teeth cleanings can help ward off gum disease, as the dental hygienist will clean off any plaque buildup that could lead to tartar developing. Tartar is removable only at a dentist’s office with specific tools that can break up the hard plaque, removing it entirely to keep bacteria from damaging the teeth and gums.

3)      Take care of overall health

Overall health and oral health correlate in conditions and symptoms. Because of the connection between cardiovascular disease and gum disease, regular teeth cleanings can help prevent gum disease and potentially aid in preventing risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

4)      Treat tooth decay and gingivitis

If detected during a cleaning, tooth decay and the early stages of gum disease can be treated quickly to avoid further issues. After removing plaque buildup, the dental hygienist will polish the tooth surfaces and treat them with fluoride to resist bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

5)      Preserve natural teeth

As part of lifelong dental care, professional teeth cleanings help preserve your teeth to enjoy your natural smile for as long as possible. Although missing teeth are replaceable, preventive care is always recommended to try and avoid the necessity of replacing them.

6)      Combatting bad breath

Professional dental cleanings help resolve bad breath. Bacteria can often be the culprit of bad or odorous breath, and cleaning disrupts and removes odor-causing bacteria. Regular, consistent dental visits enable your dentist to track and compare your oral health over time. Detecting issues early make them easier to treat.

At North York Dental clinic located on Sheppard Ave. at Leslie St., we are always accepting new patients, and would love to be part of your regular dental exams and oral hygiene visits! The schedule an appointment, contact us by calling 416-494-7878.

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