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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in North York?

December 23, 2016

Missing teeth hurt self-image and oral function. Read how dental implants from your dentist in North York restore smile aesthetics and function.Are you missing one or more teeth? Leaving that smile gap just creates further dental health issues such as tooth drift and bone resorption. Dentist in North York, Dr. Eli Shem-Tov, enjoys seeing his patients smile after they receive dental implants. Many older teens and adults are candidates for these exceptional prosthetics. Could you complete your smile with dental implants in North York?

What is a Dental Implant?

The single dental implant is an artificial tooth from root to crown. It is comprised of:

  • A titanium implant screw placed in the patient’s jaw bone
  • A metal alloy post which extends above the gumline
  • A lifelike porcelain crown which protects and restores the implant

Here’s how it works. Human bone and titanium metal meld together through a natural process called osseointegration. After the dentist places the implant device in the patient’s jaw, osseointegration gradually anchors the implant over the ensuing several weeks.

Then, Dr. Shem-Tov re-enters the site and places the extension post and custom-fabricated crown on the implant. Then, the restoration is complete.

The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness says dental implants have a 95 to 98 percent success rate. The organization also maintains that most implants stay in place for decades, a big improvement over traditional fixed bridgework and partial dentures which typically last no more than 10 years.

More Benefits of Dental Implants

Beside their longevity, dental implants are attractive, versatile and bone-strengthening. Patients report that their new smiles look, act and feel very natural. Plus, Shem-Tov praises dental implants because they improve jaw bone density and strength. No other tooth replacement option can do that.

Finally, dental implants are versatile. They replace one, two or more teeth. The dentist may use them to support fixed bridgework or even full or partial dentures, solving many of the speech and dietary issues associated with those appliances.

Are You a Candidate?

The older teen or adult in good overall and oral health makes a good candidate for dental implants. He or she should be free of active decay and periodontal disease. He or she needs sufficient bone in the jaw to accept the implant device. If there are problems with the bone, dentists have augmentation procedures to strengthen it.

In addition, people who practice careful oral hygiene are good candidates. While dental implants can’t decay, they are prone to an infection which resembles gum disease. It’s called peri-implantitis. Just like periodontitis, this condition results from plaque build-up and smoking. Unfortunately, peri-implantitis often necessitates implant removal.

The team at North York Dental thoroughly evaluates implant candidates with oral examination, digital X-rays and other imaging before recommending implant placement.

Consider Dental Implants

If you are facing extractions, have failing or missing teeth or are tired of your traditional dentures, contact North York Dental for an implant consultation. You’ll get all the information you need to make a good decision.

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