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Better Brushing Means Better Health

October 10, 2012

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Get Them Radically Clean with Rota-dent®


 The greatest service we can render for anyone is to get them solidly on the road to excellent home care, as far as cleaning their teeth. One of the best tools available is the Rota-dent battery-powered toothbrush. Why is it better than a regular brush? Well, remember the bacteria in our mouth are constantly multiplying and forming colonies under the gum line and between the teeth, which are areas regular toothbrushes just can’t get to effectively. Rota-dent has been specifically designed and clinically proven to reduce plaque and thereby minimize both calculus build up and gingivitis or gum disease. It provides easy and consistent access to even the hardest-to-reach places, including around orthodontics, appliances and restorations without scrubbing, special toothpastes or fancy techniques.


The Rota-dent bristles are soft enough to allow you to press them under the gum line, or between the teeth, without any chance of damaging the gums or teeth. The Rota-dent comes with several different brush head designs to accommodate various mouths, orthodontics and gum conditions. It is only available through dental offices, because it is important to pick the right brush head design for your situation, and receive instruction on its use.

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