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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in North York

October 12, 2013

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If going to the dentist has you experiencing panic attacks, you are not alone. Many people suffer from fear when it comes to going to the dentist. If your fears keep you from keeping your regular dental appointments, it could cause you harm not only to your oral health, but also your overall health. Today, one of the most common ways to handle this anxiety is with sedation dentistry in North York. Talk to us about your fears and we will help you determine the best way to handle them to allow you to have your dental procedures completed.


There are several types of sedation that can be used; the type that we use depends on the level of your fear as well as the procedure that is being done. The most common forms of sedation dentistry in North York include nitrous sedation and oral sedation. Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas and effectively relaxes patients while they are in the dental chair. The gas is harmless and only affects you while it is on, as soon as we disengage it, you snap out of your relaxed state. Oral sedation, on the other hand, is a pill that you take an hour or so before your procedure. This type of sedation will leave you feeling relaxed for several hours, not just while you are in the dental chair.


There are many reasons that you might want to use sedation dentistry in North York. The most common reason is to alleviate the anxiety that you feel while having dental procedures completed. There are other more physical reasons that it might be a viable choice for you including difficulty with your gag reflex, sensitive teeth and gums or the need for very serious dental procedures that will likely cause pain and be a difficult procedure. 

Taking Advantage of the Latest Technology in General Dentistry

September 28, 2013

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Oral hygiene has definitely changed over the years. Yes, dentists still recommend you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once, but the tools you have at home have drastically improved. These improvements range from more powerful toothpastes to more effectively shaped toothbrushes, oral care has never been easier in the home. Even what you drink is a powerful way to help fight cavities.  However, some of these improvements in oral technology have led to an unfortunate increase in people not going to the dentist for regular checkups.

Regardless of at-home technology, regular dental visits are still essential for overall oral and body health. Many people don’t realize that health problems that start in the mouth can eventually affect the whole body. Not visiting the dentist can even lead to social issues caused by calamities such as bad breath. Toronto general dentistry has many options to help keep your teeth clean and your oral health strong.

Advances in at-home dental care aren’t the only changes in the dental industry over the last few decades. Things at the actual dentist have changed as well. If you’ve been going to the dentist for awhile, surely you’ve noticed the many changes, including more comfortable settings. Luckily, North York Dental has all of the latest technology to help keep your mouth clean and your oral health strong.


Our dentists don’t just grab the newest technology and shove it into your mouth. We study and test everything before using it. Since dental hygiene is such an important part of overall health, we want to make sure you always get the best that can be offered. When you come to our Toronto general dentistry practice, you are getting the premier experience offered in oral care. By using the best tools in the industry, we give you the best smile possible. 

Comfortable Dentistry for You and Your Family

September 15, 2013

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Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it shouldn’t cause discomfort at all. Unfortunately, some people don’t go to the dentist simply because they are afraid of the experience. By neglecting this important part of their hygiene, these people are setting themselves up for major health problems in the future. Luckily, there are solutions for anyone who is apprehensive about going to the dentist. With our Toronto family dentistry, you will find an environment that makes you glad you came to get your teeth cleaned.

At North York Dental, we make sure your experience is relaxed and comfortable. Our offices provide peaceful and beautiful scenery to admire and focus on while we care for your teeth. Enjoy watching flocks of birds and lush landscapes from a comfortable seat. If nature isn’t your thing, we also have DVD players and flat-screen TVs to keep you focused on the things you love rather than on what we’re doing inside your mouth. Our job is to clean your teeth. Your job is just to relax.

North York Dental offers full Toronto family dentistry services, and we are experts at keeping everyone relaxed regardless of age. Since dental health is a key aspect to your overall health and appearance, we want to make sure that everyone in your family is covered. No matter what services or procedures you need, we can perform them in an atmosphere that allows you to keep your mind and body at ease.

Toronto general dentistry doesn’t have to be a difficult or traumatic experience. With North York Dental, you can count on getting an experience that will make you excited for your next visit. After all, there’s not much better than a beautiful white smile and the feel of squeaky clean teeth.

Teeth straightening without the pain and embarrassment of traditional braces: Is Invisalign the option for you?

June 7, 2013

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Are your teeth not as straight as you would like them to be? Have traditional braces been on your mind but you dread the pain and embarrassment of the bulky brackets and wires and a painful process? Dr. Shem-Tov and the professionals at North York Dental can offer patients a variety of ways to improve the appearance of teeth without the use of conventional metal braces. Dr. Shem-Tov can recommend a variety of cosmetic procedures, such as bonding, porcelain veneers or the Invisalign system.

Invisalign clear braces are a clear alternative to traditional braces that offer patients the option of teeth straightening without all of the downsides of standard braces. Using a sequential series of custom-made, clear, removable trays, Invisalign aligners straighten the teeth gently and effectively with little to no pain or discomfort. Mouth abrasions caused by the wires and other metals from conventional braces are a major reason that many people avoid straightening their teeth altogether. The Invisalign system is not only more comfortable than traditional braces, but also more effective and visually pleasing.

Invisalign patients can also expect fewer doctor’s visits as adjustments are not needed. Your dentist will simply create custom made aligners for you which will correct the teeth. Typically, visits are suggested every 4-6 weeks to check on patient’s progress and update aligners. The dentists at North York Dental use 3-D computer imagining technology in order to design a complete comprehensive treatment plan for all of their patients. From the initial dentition position, to the final desired result, our professionals will create a custom made experience, from start to finish.

Invisaligns allows patients to floss and brush as usual, so there is less chance of tooth decay and cavities as you might find with those who go the traditional route with braces. Conventional braces do not just hinder proper dental hygiene; they can also lead to yellowing of the enamel on the teeth. With the Invisalign system, there is nothing directly or permanently stuck to the surface of the teeth. The trays are removable and not permanently placed on the teeth. The ability to remove the trays are a major advantage to adult patients who may feel they are “too old” for the look and feel of conventional braces. Invisaligns are clear so they are not seen by others but they are also removable, allowing patients to eat and drink as they please. There is no worry of getting food stuck in the wires of braces, because there are no wires.

Call the office of North York Dental at (416) 494-7878 to get an evaluation and find out if Invisalign is the clear choice for you. 

Non-Evasive and Mercury Free Filings from North York Dental

May 31, 2013

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Silver amalgam fillings, which are made up of about 50% mercury, have been used by dentists for more than 150 years to fill cavities, but are these filings safe? 

More commonly known as “silver filings,” silver dental amalgam fillings have traditionally been used because they are stronger and less expensive than other options, but the risk may far outweigh the benefits. The mercury used in “silver fillings” is elemental mercury, which is a silvery, colorless, odorless liquid that gives off a vapor at room temperature. When “silver fillings” are put in, these fillings are constantly emitting vapors breathed in daily. The amount is low, but health officials recommend using alternative materials for those seeking treatment for cavities or tooth decay. According to Health Canada, “Liquid elemental mercury, commonly found in household thermometers, thermostats and barometers, quickly forms a poisonous, colorless and odorless vapor when spilled. If inhaled, this vapor is rapidly absorbed through the lungs.” In addition, “at higher concentrations, mercury vapor can cause damage to the mouth, respiratory tract and lungs, and can lead to death from respiratory failure. Long-term exposure to low concentrations causes symptoms similar to those of methyl mercury.”

If these facts are concerning to you, Dr. Shem-Tov and North York Dental can provide a safe and long lasting option for dental fillings. At their office, patients are provided with the latest and most advanced alternatives available. One of those options is bonded ceramic-based composite of resins. Composite resin is a mixture of microscopic glass and ceramic particles which are dispersed in a plastic resin that is then bonded to the teeth. The material can be shaped, molded, and sculpted to fit any shape or contour of the tooth, resulting in a strong, sealed bond.

There are many advantages to using ceramic fillings over “silver filings,” beyond the issue of health concerns. Appearance wise, ceramic is the natural color of your teeth, so there is no more worry about unsightly, dark filings being seen. Bonded ceramic composite resins also seal better, insulating the tooth against temperature sensitivities, as well as preventing further damage or decay. Because resin is bonded, the seal that is made will reduce the chance of leakage, common with “silver filings.” Ceramic is also easily repaired, should repairs be needed.

If you are in need of filings, or filing replacements, North York Dental has the healthy, mercury-free, option for you.  

Sedation Dentistry makes Your Visit to the Dentist Easy

April 26, 2013

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Visiting the dentist can be a stressful or scary experience for many. As a result, some people have missed regular visits, while their dental health suffers. Others may have shied away from seeking out cosmetic dentistry for problems they want to fix, because of fear or anxiety associated with dentists.

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) defines oral health to be “a state of the oral and related tissues and structures that contribute positively to physical, mental and social well-being and the enjoyment of life’s possibilities, by allowing the individual to speak, eat and socialize unhindered by pain, discomfort or embarrassment.” Is fear or anxiety of the dentist keeping you from maintaining proper oral health? If so, Dr. Shem-Tov and the professionals at North York Dental can help with their various options for sedation, to fit the needs of their patients. Patients can choose from either oral sedation or nitrous sedation.

Perfect for the dental phobic patient, oral sedation entails taking medication that is prescribed to the patient to relieve and reduce anxiety. The patient simply takes the medication immediately before coming in for the dental appointment. If patients choose this option, someone will need to drive the patient to the dental office. During the procedure, vital signs will be monitored as the patient relaxes in a sleep-like state. For some, nitrous oxide can cause nausea or dizziness. For some, the feeling is simply uncomfortable. Oral sedation is a great option for patients who have these worries.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a gas that is fed through a tube to which a nasal hood is attached and placed on the nose. After the air is fed through the tube, simply breathe normally. Nitrous Oxide has no color or smell. After about five minutes of breathing in the gas, a calming feeling will spread throughout the body.

According to Dental Fear Central (www.dentalfearcentral.org), there are many advantages to nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous sedation works incredibly quickly, reaching the brain in as little as 20 seconds. After just 2-3 minutes, the relaxation and pain numbing effects begin to kick in. The depth of sedation can also be altered, so there is no fear of “overdosing.” No injection is required and patients can drive themselves to and from the office.

Either option can be administered to patients to make their visit one that is stress-free and enjoyable. DO not let anxiety or fear keep you from achieving your optimal oral health. 

Diagnodent: Pain Free Prevention for Your Next Toronto Dentist Appointment

April 17, 2013

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How does your Toronto dentist find a cavity? If you experience pain, you may go in and ask in regards to a specific tooth. If you are in for a general annual check-up, your dentist may be able to visually spot those dark and decaying areas on the teeth.  But how does your dentist know the size of the cavity?


Hidden decay within the teeth is the root of all cavities but the professionals at North York Dental offer an innovative and pain free way to detect those hidden areas before the cavity decays the structure of the teeth, from the inside out.


X-rays and probing to explore the surface of the teeth are traditional ways that dentists detect cavities or decaying areas. However, these techniques are limited and insufficient, especially when the cavity may be in its early stages. Diagnodent is an option that addresses these limitations of traditional techniques. Diagnodent uses laser assisted technology to detect cavities’ existence and size. The hand held device scans teeth with laser light searching for any problems on and in the teeth: no matter how small. The device then signals an audible sound to alert your dentist to the problem area.


The major advantage of this early detection system is prevention. Dentists in Toronto using this technology are now able to detect cavities, or potential cavities, in young children, preventing serious cavities that require painful fillings.

The Perfect Family and General Dentist Toronto

March 15, 2013

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The evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the soft and hard tissues of the jaw and oral cavity structures of your body is know as dentistry. Taking care of your teeth and over all oral hygiene is extremely important and no one can help you maintain proper care better than your family dentist. Having a family dentist is important to keeping up with the maintenance of your teeth; a family dentist is someone you should trust to make sure your teeth are in perfect working condition and healthy.

Everyone should have a family dentist that they visit regularly to maintain good oral hygiene, it is recommended that you visit your family dentist twice per year and when ever you have any symptoms pertaining to you teeth or gums. A family dentist will perform regular check ups and cleaning procedures to keep your teeth their cleanest and whitest, no one wants a discoloured or crooked smile and making regular visits to your family dentist will ensure that you never have to worry about showing your smile.

Your family dentist should encourage you to prevent dental cavities through proper oral hygiene like tooth brushing, flossing, fluoride, and tooth polishing procedures. They will also let you know if you are brushing and flossing too much as this can result in damage to the gums. Your family dentist may apply sealants to your teeth which are a plastic material intended to prevent dental cavities and other forms of tooth decay.

Finding a good family dentist can be hard and bothersome, but it is well worth the effort to find a family dentist that you feel you can trust. When choosing a family dentist you should find a dentist you can trust to make sure your family has the best dental care available so you can rest easy knowing that the oral hygiene of your family is in good hands.

Finding a New Dentist Toronto

February 20, 2013

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When it comes time to find a new dentist in Toronto, there are many things to take into consideration, you are not just trying to find a new dentist you are starting a long-term oral health care partnership. One of the most important things is for you to find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and can meet your oral health care needs. There are certain questions you should be asking when it is time to find a new dentist in Toronto, these questions will make the whole process of finding a new dentist that much easier, first and most importantly what are the office hours and do they fit your schedule? Can you get to the dental office easily from work or home? What is the policy for missed appointments at the dental office? And what most people consider the most important question; does the dental office accept your dental health plan? These are just a few examples of what you should be asking when trying to find a new dentist in Toronto.


When making your first trip to a new dental office you should take notice to the appearance of the office, is the dental office neat, clean and orderly? Are all surfaces and dental equipment clean and sanitary? You should also take into consideration the overall mood of the office, are the dental staff helpful and willing to answer your questions? Lastly you should observe whether or not the dental staff is wearing gloves and other protective gear while working on patients, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to small details around the office.
In some cases you may have special needs and when you are trying to find a new dentist in Toronto you should make sure that the dental office you choose can cater to your specific individual needs. You should always inform your dentist of any special health or financial conditions and ask if they have any interest in treating patients with your specific needs. If you have a disability you should make sure that the dental facility is accessible to the disabled, most reputable dental facilities are designed to accommodate many if not all disabilities making their offices accessible to everyone.

There are many factors you should take into consideration when it is time to find a new dentist, you should always sit down with your prospective dentist and discuss any issues or concerns you may be having, most dentists are more than happy to answer your questions and give you detailed information as to your situation. Always have your questions ready before you visit a new dentist so that you can be sure to cover all of your concerns and feel comfortable with your dental professional.


Onlays and Inlays

October 10, 2012

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Strong, Attractive and Safe Alternatives to Metal Fillings


Onlays: Onlays are used for large restorations. They restore the area inside the cusp and extend over one or more sides of the tooth. Because of their size they are usually made of porcelain.


Inlays: These are used to restore the area of tooth inside the cusps. Inlays are a conservative tooth restoration which means they require far less drilling and preparation of the tooth than a metal filling. Inlays are usually made of porcelain or composite resin, making them “invisible” in your smile.


Onlays and inlays are created in a dental laboratory from an impression of your teeth. Any shrinkage of the device occurs in the lab and is accounted for when cemented. Large fillings can shrink and be at greater risk for breakdown and tooth sensitivity. The final result will fit perfectly with surrounding teeth and can be as strong as a natural tooth.


Optio Dentistry module on Onlays

Optio Dentistry module on Inlays

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