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What Causes Cavities? What are the Signs of Tooth Decay?

December 7, 2015

what causes cavitiesIf there’s one most popular question in dentistry, it’s got to be about cavities: what causes them? And what are the signs you might have one? The answers are simple enough — keep reading to learn more from your dentist at North York Dental, and watch as your oral and overall health improve.

Watch Out For Tooth Decay

Dr. Eli Shem-Tov knows tooth decay is one of the top worries of his patients at North York Dental. That’s why he focuses on preventive care — which is a lot about dental hygiene education, too. Keep reading to learn what causes cavities and how you can recognize the symptoms of tooth decay.

Cavities: What Causes Them

When it comes to what causes cavities, it’s no mystery. Insufficient dental hygiene is the number one cause of tooth decay — and other habits, like smoking, drinking soda, chewing sugary gum or otherwise unhealthy snacks can increase the risk.

To prevent cavities, keep the following in mind.

  • Brush for two minutes, twice a day. This is your main defense against tooth decay — it’s the only way to remove plaque and prevent tartar, both of which are major cavity causers.
  • Floss daily. Too many adults believe flossing is more or less optional, but it’s certainly not. It’s a crucial step for removing the food particles and bacteria your toothbrush leaves behind. Do it at least once a day for cleaner, healthier teeth.
  • Eat a healthy diet. What’s good for your overall health is also beneficial for your teeth. Try to limit your sugar intake and eat a variety of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy and protein sources to keep your smile as healthy as possible.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Sometimes tooth decay happens to the best of us. When it does, it can help to know what the symptoms are. Look out for the following as the problem develops — and call the office of Dr. Eli Shem-Tov as soon as you suspect you’re experiencing tooth decay.

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages
  • New gray, brown or black spots on the teeth
  • Bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth

Keep in mind that many times you may not realize you have a cavity at all. That’s why twice annual visits to North York Dental are crucial to maintaining excellent oral health. When you stay on top of your six month visits, Dr. Eli Shem-Tov can catch tooth decay while it’s small — painlessly and at little cost to you. If it’s been awhile since your last dental checkup and cleaning, please don’t wait to contact the office of North York Dental to request your appointment. We’re here to help residents of North York, Ontario maintain healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime. Call us today!

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