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Dentist in North York Explains Why Flossing is So Important

November 7, 2016

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Your dentist in North York explains why flossing is so important.While it often seems like a hassle and a waste of time to floss your teeth, it’s actually more important than you think. Your toothbrush can’t reach in between your teeth, however your dental floss can. Dr. Eli Shem-Tov is your premiere dentist in North York, and he explains why flossing is so important.

The Benefits of Flossing

Flossing removes plaque buildup and food particles from in between your teeth. If it’s not removed daily, plaque can harden and become even more difficult to remove. It can cause cavities in between your teeth and can also lead to an infection of your gums (gingivitis) that can eventually affect your bone as well.

Your gums are the foundation for your teeth, so it’s important to keep them healthy. Flossing helps to strengthen your gum tissue, which protects against gum disease. As a bonus, flossing also give you fresher breath!

How to Floss Properly

Did you know that how you floss is just as important as how often? If you don’t use proper flossing techniques, you risk injuring your gum tissue. Here’s a quick flossing tutorial.

  • Start with about 18-20 inches of floss, and wind around each finger leaving about an inch of space to work with.
  • Hold the floss tightly and gently move up and down in between each tooth.
  • Curve the floss into a C-shape to work it gently beneath the gum line, and use clean sections of floss for each tooth.
  • Never force the floss or snap it as this can cut or injure your gum tissue.

What Type of Floss Should I Use?

There are typically two types of floss to choose from such as nylon or PTFE (monofilament) floss. Nylon can be found waxed or unwaxed and in different flavors, however because it’s made of multiple strands, it can tend to shred in tight contact points. PTFE floss is a little more expensive, but it glides easily between teeth and it’s virtually shred-resistant. Both types of floss are excellent choices when used properly, so it comes down to personal preference as to which you choose.

At North York Dental, we believe that prevention is the key to maintaining optimum oral health, and flossing your teeth is an important part of prevention. We know that the more you understand about your oral health, the better choices you can make about your care.

We hope this information about flossing was helpful, and we encourage you to call us and schedule your next appointment. Our hygienists are always happy to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques at your next cleaning appointment.

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