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Diagnodent: Pain Free Prevention for Your Next Toronto Dentist Appointment

April 17, 2013

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How does your Toronto dentist find a cavity? If you experience pain, you may go in and ask in regards to a specific tooth. If you are in for a general annual check-up, your dentist may be able to visually spot those dark and decaying areas on the teeth.  But how does your dentist know the size of the cavity?


Hidden decay within the teeth is the root of all cavities but the professionals at North York Dental offer an innovative and pain free way to detect those hidden areas before the cavity decays the structure of the teeth, from the inside out.


X-rays and probing to explore the surface of the teeth are traditional ways that dentists detect cavities or decaying areas. However, these techniques are limited and insufficient, especially when the cavity may be in its early stages. Diagnodent is an option that addresses these limitations of traditional techniques. Diagnodent uses laser assisted technology to detect cavities’ existence and size. The hand held device scans teeth with laser light searching for any problems on and in the teeth: no matter how small. The device then signals an audible sound to alert your dentist to the problem area.


The major advantage of this early detection system is prevention. Dentists in Toronto using this technology are now able to detect cavities, or potential cavities, in young children, preventing serious cavities that require painful fillings.

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