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Possible Root Canal Complications You Need to Know

April 21, 2016

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root canalA root canal is a common treatment used to remove inflamed or infected pulp from a tooth to save a natural tooth while restoring the tooth’s function. While root canal treatment is a widely used restorative procedure, many are hesitant to undergo the procedure. In most cases, the procedure is performed with any adverse complications, however, there are possible root canal complications. Although these complications are rare, it’s important to understand the potential risks. Even with the risks, the procedure is still necessary in order to save a tooth and to prevent any additional complications. North York Dental understands you may have some reservations about undergoing the procedure, which is why we have the facts you need to know prior to scheduling the treatment.

What’s Involved with Root Canal Treatment?

Each year, millions of people undergo root canal treatment to save a tooth and surrounding teeth from infection. Underneath the enamel, our teeth are surrounded by a hard layer, known as dentin. This layer protects the soft layer of the tooth, known as the pulp. The pulp is vital for healthy teeth as it contains the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues of the tooth.

When the enamel and dentin become damaged due to decay or trauma, the pulp can become inflamed and infected. Often, this causes extreme pain and discomfort. You will require treatment to stop the pain and discomfort. In addition, when left untreated, the infection can spread to surrounding teeth, causing a wide array of complications.

To remove the infection and inflammation, the pulp is removed from the tooth. Then, the tooth is carefully cleaned and sealed using gutta-percha. A protective crown is placed over the tooth to restore function, appearance and health. Once your tooth is fully developed, your tooth can survive without the pulp because surrounding tissues continue to nourish the tooth when the pulp isn’t present. However, there are risks associated with the procedure.

What are Possible Root Canal Complications?

The most common complication of the procedure is pain, especially if the tooth wasn’t cleaned well prior to being sealed. Bacteria trapped in the tooth can cause dull and sharp pain, even years after treatment. If bacteria have become trapped, it’s likely you will need another root canal in the future.

In some cases, your tooth may have had a crack prior to being treated. If this crack wasn’t noticed, it leaves the tooth susceptible to bacteria. Even a small crack can let bacteria accumulate, once again, leaving the potential for needing another root canal. In addition, the materials used for the treatment can begin to weaken overtime. For example, the inner sealing can begin to erode, causing bacteria to reenter the tooth.

While complications of the procedure are rare, they are possible, which is why you need a reputable and trusted dentist to handle your procedure. North York Dental is the dentist you need. Dr. Eli Shem-Tov is the caring and experienced dentist you need to decrease potential complications with the tooth restoration treatment. Let Dr. Shem-Tov repair your tooth. Call (437) 800-2672 today to schedule an appointment.

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