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Partial & Full Dentures

Happy senior couple smiling togetherReplacing missing teeth is essential to ensure you can speak, chew, and smile with confidence, but when most people hear the word “denture” it doesn’t put a smile on their faces. Instead, patients tend to imagine a very old person with sunken or sagging facial shape. Lucky for the partially or fully edentulous patients of North York Dental, we offer better crafted dentures to keep patients smiling and avoid the wrinkled and sagging facial appearance so often linked to denture wearers. If you’ve lost a single tooth or a full row of teeth, don’t put off your restoration. Call the North York dental office of Eli Shem-Tov, DDS to schedule your tooth replacement consultation. We’ll evaluate your oral health and help you find the best tooth replacement option to restore your full oral health and function.

What are Partials?

Partials or partial dentures replace numerous consecutive and nonconsecutive missing teeth along an arch. A gum colored base material is molded to fit between remaining healthy teeth and supports numerous replacement teeth. The entire prosthetic is held in place by metal clasps attached to healthy teeth.

What are Full Dentures?

Full dentures are also crafted from a gum colored base used to support replacement teeth, but there are not remaining healthy teeth to support the prosthetic. Instead, the denture is crafted to fit snuggly against the gum line in order to create suction that holds the entire prosthetic in place. Some patients prefer to use a small amount of denture adhesive to improve the stability of their denture.

How are Dentures Crafted?

Dentures are created over the course of two or more dental appointments. During a tooth replacement consultation, we’ll examine your current state of oral health to determine whether or not a partial or full denture is your best option. In some cases, we’ll need to remove one or more damaged teeth prior to designing the denture. We will also ensure you do not have any remaining oral health concerns like gum disease that will need to be addressed prior to creating your denture. Once you’re in top oral health and your smile has healed from any tooth extractions, you’ll return to our office. Dr. Shem-Tov or a member of the team will capture a bite impression or mold of your smile. These impressions are used by our lab to craft your custom partial or full denture. Once we receive the denture, you return, so we can place your new tooth replacement prosthetic and ensure a proper fit.

Are Dental Implant Dentures Better?

Not for every patient, but for many, a dental implant retained denture is a great option. Implant supported dental prosthetics mimic the natural appearance and function of your smile more closely than traditional, removable dentures. There is a higher cost and time commitment associated with advanced implant supported denture tooth replacement, but the results are longer lasting and more functional for many patients. If you’re interested in a dental implant supported denture, please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Shem-Tov and his team during your tooth replacement consultation.