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North York Dental Services

Dr. Shem-Tov and his team are committed to helping you have the healthiest teeth possible. That’s why we only offer dental services with the best and most-proven results for our patients. When Dr. Shem-Tov recommends a procedure, he will take the time to explain why he thinks this service is the best for you. He will even offer easy-to-read, patient-based materials to help you prepare for the procedure and help you take care of your teeth after your appointment. If you have any questions about our services, you can speak to Dr. Shem-Tov directly by calling our office during business hours at (416) 494-7878.

Patient Comfort and Technology

While Dr. Shem-Tov loves to incorporate new dental equipment in his office, he also carefully researches the latest tools and technology before using them in his practice. He selects equipment that will have the most-proven benefits for his patients and seeks the best training possible before the tools even enter our office. That way, Dr. Shem-Tov can provide optimum dentistry to his patients while they remain at-ease and comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • Flat Screen TVs
  • DVD Players
  • Chair side Computers

Cosmetic Services

While our aim is to help you have healthy teeth, we also want to give you a dazzling, attractive smile. Dr. Shem-Tov possesses the services and expertise to help you. Looking for a whiter smile? We use Zoom! ™, which provides safe whitening with effective and long-lasting results. Want to improve the appearance of your teeth? Dr. Shem-Tov may recommend porcelain veneers or bonding. He may also combine several of the following cosmetic services in a smile makeover:

Restorative Care

The enamel on your teeth is tough and durable. Yet, if you neglect brushing and flossing, you can weaken the protective covering on your teeth and cause it to painfully decay. If you have pain in your mouth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shem-Tov. He will examine your mouth, noting your natural teeth and previous dental restorations. Then, he will recommend the services you need to restore your teeth and prevent further damage from occurring. When you visit us, Dr. Shem-Tov may suggest any of the restorative services listed below:

Gum Disease

Your health not only depends on your teeth, but the well being of your gums. Even if you brush everyday, you may be at risk for gum disease, a condition that seems painless but eventually causes tooth loss. Recent studies show that people who have gum disease are at greater risk for more serious problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Shem-Tov and our dental hygienist have the following resources to diagnose gum disease and stop it in its tracks:

  • Charting and Diagnostic Services
  • In Office Therapy with Atridox™ Injectible Antibiotic

Preventive Care

Since research indicates that your overall health is dependent on your dental hygiene, Dr. Shem-Tov and his team offer a complete and thorough examination of your mouth each time you come in. Our dental hygienist will also take the time to review your brushing and flossing techniques and recommend ways to improve your daily hygiene. If we see problems during our exam, or if you have questions, Dr. Shem-Tov will discuss available treatment options with you. We offer the following preventive care services: