Bonding and Veneers

Remember patching up your favourite pair of jeans, or that hole in the wall? Dental bonding and porcelain veneers from our North York, ON can seamlessly patch up your smile.

Everyone likes a dazzling, bright, Hollywood smile!

Porcelain veneers are a great option for remedying dull, discoloured, misshapen, chipped or crooked teeth. Made of thin layers of porcelain, veneers are laid over the outside of your teeth. They are similar to dental crowns, but are applied to the front of your teeth instead of providing full coverage around the entire tooth like a crown. The end result looks similar to your natural tooth enamel, helping you get closer to the improved look you desire.

How many porcelain veneers do I need?

The amount of veneers needed depends upon how many teeth you need to be repaired. Porcelain veneers can be used to restore one or multiple teeth, with the end goal of improving the appearance of your entire smile. Part of the veneer process often includes having a wax model of your smile fabricated at the lab so that you can see what your smile will look like before and after the procedure begins.

Aftercare for porcelain veneers

To protect your new veneers, you’ll be instructed to wear your night guard at home, brush and floss gently, and keep up with your individualized, regular hygiene program.

Colour-matched composite dental fillings

When repairing broken or chipped teeth, North York Dental uses composite, tooth-coloured fillings to provide you with the most natural look possible. This material is designed to match the rest of your smile, virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Dental bonding for cosmetic reasons

Tooth bonding is the process of applying a colour-matched resin to repair a tooth that’s discoloured, fractured, chipped, or decayed. This cosmetic dental procedure can also be used to make teeth appear longer.

You may not have been born with a perfect smile – something that makes us all unique – however, you always have the option of making cosmetic improvements to your smile.

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