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Dental Implant Placement

Seamlessly Patch Up Your Smile

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants may offer solutions for patients who cannot function adequately with conventional dentures. An implant will restore the proper function to an area which is missing a tooth. In some cases, a dental implant is a better option to replace a tooth than a bridge. Especially since it does not affect the structural integrity of the adjacent teeth. However, not every patient is a candidate for implants. The most common issues preventing a patient from being a candidate would be lack of bone support or space between existing teeth. We will examine your case and help you decide which option is best for you.

What is involved in placing dental implants?

First, surgery is performed to place the anchor. Some implants require a second surgery in which a post is attached to connect the anchor to the replacement teeth. With other implants, the anchor and post are already attached and are placed at the same time.

After the gums and bone have had time to heal around the implant – which may take several weeks – the next step begins. The artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post portion of the anchor.

Dental implants are a great remedy to replace one or more missing teeth.

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