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North York Dental offers you a variety of dentistry services in a comfortable and caring environment.

Reasons to Select North York Dental

We think that offering personalized and quality dental care is essential for our patients’ health and satisfaction.

Our friendly dental team in North York strives to make your visit easy and comfortable. We provide a safe and enjoyable environment for family and cosmetic dental care.

We will focus on understanding your dental needs and teaching you how to prevent future dental issues. This means our team will give you personalized attention with procedures that focus on protecting your oral health. Our focus is on catching minor issues before they escalate into significant problems!

Our dental practice focuses on families. We take the time to listen to your concerns.

We also answer any questions or fears you may have. We aim to make going to the dentist a positive experience for everyone in your family. We do this by establishing a trusting relationship with each patient.

We aim to offer caring and gentle dental care, while also encouraging lifelong oral hygiene habits. We value your comfort and satisfaction and are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

We believe that communication is key; we try to listen and explain in an easygoing, truthful manner.

Whatever your needs, we want to help you maintain a happy smile or create a healthy mouth. We feel that it is important to offer you all the possible choices and alternatives to keep your smile for life.

Your comfort is our first concern. We uniquely chose our dental team for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to providing exceptional dental care. their genuine caring personalities, sincere and understanding nature, and gentle touch. The atmosphere and ambiance of our office will leave you with a positive dental experience.

We will make every effort to go above and beyond your expectations.

Our Doctors

Dr. Eli Shem-Tov

General Dentist

Dr. Shem-Tov was a patient at North York Dental since he was a young boy and was inspired by his childhood dentist, Dr. Tom McKean (past President of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario), to pursue a career in dentistry.
As an undergraduate, Dr. Shem-Tov studied neuroscience at the University of Toronto. In 1988, he entered the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario and received his DDS. He then returned home to North York and became the dentist at his boyhood practice.

Dr. Shem-Tov is currently a clinical instructor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. He has volunteered his dental skills in his travels to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America.

North York Dental has been providing dental services for nearly 30 years. As a former patient, Dr. Shem-Tov knows that many people are looking for a dental professional who can stop their pain, help them maintain their dental health, and advise them when they want to improve their smile. That’s why he’s selected the following professionals to work with him.

Dr. Nada Harakati

General Dentist

Dr. Harakati obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry (B.D.s.) from Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Harakati was born in Vancouver, BC and always had her mindset to come back to Canada to pursue her dental career. After completing all the requirements, she was awarded a general dentist license by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in January 2018. Due to her upbringing, Dr. Harakati is fluent in both Arabic and English.

Dr. Harakati has participated in multiple volunteering opportunities nationally and internationally, some included awareness campaigns to promote good oral and dental health and some were involved in children’s right to play by using sports to aid in empowering kids and youth all around the world to overcome any obstacles. Dr. Harakati believes strongly in implementing oral health education in dental visits.

Dr. Harakati’s view is that dentistry is a partnership between herself and her patients where honest and open communication is key to success and to a pleasant patient experience in the dental office.

Dr. Sam Sharma

General Dentist

Dr. Sam Sharma completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2012 before dedicating his time to advancing his dental skills and building a successful private practice. Born in India, Dr. Sharma immigrated to Canada in 2017, he completed his National Dental Examination Board (NDEB) equivalency in 2019 and started practicing across the GTA in 2020. Dr. Sharma believes it is important to stay updated on the latest research and advances in dentistry.

Dr. Sharma enjoys challenging himself and learning something new every day. He is passionate about oral surgery, focusing on wisdom teeth extractions and Implant dentistry. The attention to detail that Dr. Sharma provides his patients helps with their treatment’s proper planning and execution.

Watching movies and exploring new beaches are Dr. Sharma’s favourite pastimes. Cooking food for his wife is his ideal weekend.

Dr. Sayed Hafizi

General Dentist

Dr. Sayed N. Hafizi was born in Ottawa and completed his Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. His interest in practicing dentistry was sparked after shadowing Dr. Harle and observing his philanthropic work in the Ottawa Mission. Dr. Hafizi completed his dental training at University College Cork in Ireland. Home is where family is, and Dr. Hafizi returned to Canada to practice in Toronto.

Dr. Hafizi loves challenges as he finds that one learns best in challenging situations. Whether the challenge may arise from the nature of the treatment or other factors, Dr. Hafizi rises to the challenge and provides exceptional treatment. Some of the challenges he has overcome and excelled in include successfully conducting root canal treatment on complicated canals, restoring heavily decayed teeth, and providing dental treatment to anxious patients.

While Dr. Hafizi loves the many branches of dentistry, he is particularly interested in endodontic treatment, anterior fillings, and dental surgery. When he is not with his patients, he spends time with family, travelling, volunteering, working on projects or keeping active.

About the North York Dental Team

The health and safety of our patients is our #1 priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that our instruments and operatories are disinfected and sterilized according to the RCDSO, CDC guidelines.

Sterilization is a complex process requiring specialized equipment, adequate space, qualified staff and regular monitoring for quality assurance.

We package and seal our instruments then sterilize them in an autoclave using steam under pressure. Biological indicators are used on a daily basis to ensure proper sterilization has been achieved.


There’s no room for guess work! We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about you and your family’s oral health. That’s why we provide monitors in every exam and hygiene room. When your doctor is explaining your treatment plan, you’ve got all the facts, backed up by visuals.

Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-ray technology. Not only do the clarity of the images result in a more accurate diagnosis than your typical x-ray, but the images are produced instantly, enabling us to make quicker treatment recommendations. Digital x-rays produce 80% less radiation than your typical x-ray machine.

Laser Gum Recontouring

If you feel like you have a “gummy” smile, or your gums are too low (receding gums), you may be a good candidate for laser gum recontouring. Laser gum recontouring is the process of surgically correcting and reshaping the gums. While this can be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, gum surgery is often required as an integral part of various dental surgeries and restorative treatments. Laser gum recontouring is a minor procedure with a typically quick healing time.

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