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Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Seamlessly Repair Cavities

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No one likes to hear that they need a filling. However, putting off cavity treatment can be detrimental to your oral health, and can cause lasting, sometimes irreversible damage to your teeth. If you have a tooth that’s somewhat sensitive, is showing signs of decay, or perhaps you have an old dental filling in need of replacement, we’re here to assist. We use tooth-coloured (composite) dental fillings that are discreet and designed to blend in with your natural teeth. To learn more about how we seamlessly repair cavities, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

What Are Tooth-Coloured Fillings?

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White (composite) fillings are resin-based, which is a biocompatible material made of fine particles of plastic, glass, and porcelain. Although traditional amalgam (metal) fillings have had a long and reliable track record, the new white fillings are almost as strong and definitely much more attractive. Additionally, tooth-colored fillings are considered to be healthier for teeth by many dentists. While we don’t recommend preemptively replacing metal fillings that are in good condition, any teeth needing new fillings will receive a new tooth-coloured filling from our clinic.

The Process of Getting a Tooth- Coloured Filling

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Getting a filling often can be done in a single appointment. To ensure you’re comfortable the entire time, we typically administer a local anesthetic around the area to numb it. Once the numbing agent has taken full effect, we’ll begin by carefully removing all the decayed tissues from the cavity. Then, we’ll sanitize the area and fill it in with a colour-matched shade of composite resin. Shining a specialized curing light on it will harden the filling into place, after which we will polish and adjust it until it looks and feels natural in your smile.

The Benefits of Tooth- Coloured Fillings

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Repairing your smile with tooth- coloured fillings offers a variety of benefits, such as:

Caring for Your Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings usually last for a number of years before they need to be replaced. The wear and tear of your dental filling succumb over time to chewing. In addition, if you suffer from clenching or grinding of your teeth, your dental fillings may have to be replaced at a much earlier stage. Protect your dental fillings by maintaining good oral care. If a filling is broken, contact us immediately to have it repaired. Chewing with a broken dental filling can cause damage and require additional repair.

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