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Easy-To-Follow Steps for When You Knock Out a Tooth

a patient in North York with a knocked-out tooth

Looking down at the ground and seeing that one of your teeth has been knocked out can be quite alarming; the world might even come to a screeching halt! But your situation isn’t hopeless, and a little quick thinking and knowing how to handle a displaced tooth will ensure you don’t suffer any long-term consequences. Here are some useful steps from your dentist in North York that you should follow if you find yourself with a knocked-out tooth.

#1. Locate & Secure the Tooth

You should try to locate the tooth immediately; don’t leave it at the site of the incident. When you pick up the tooth, be sure to handle it by the crown, or chewing surface—never touch the root of the tooth. In some instances, it’s possible to replace the tooth in your socket yourself if you’re gentle. However, if this isn’t possible, you need to store the tooth in a small plastic container.

#2. Rinse the Tooth & Clean Your Mouth

That said, you can still use water to gently rinse any dirt off of the tooth before storing it or trying to place it back in its socket. Do not use any soap or chemicals, and refrain from scrubbing or drying the tooth.

#3. Call Your Emergency Dentist

It’s best to see your emergency dentist within 30 – 60 minutes of losing a tooth, as this gives the tooth the best possible chance of being saved! However, it’s still possible to save a tooth even if it’s been outside the mouth for over an hour, depending on the circumstances. It’s worth noting that emergency dentists typically have time built into their schedules to deal with these types of scenarios. Also be sure to bring your tooth with you to the appointment.

#4. Protect Your Smile Until Your Appointment

After your appointment has been scheduled, it’s up to you to get your tooth there safely. Once your tooth is secured, you should try to keep the tooth moist with milk or your own saliva; never use water! If your mouth needs attention and is bleeding, you can address it with a clean handkerchief and gentle pressure. If for some reason you’re unable to arrange emergency dental care, you can visit an ER for symptom relief; though keep in mind that most hospital staffs aren’t equipped to deal with dental emergencies.

Unexpectedly losing a tooth can be frightening and frustrating, but it’s not an impossible situation to deal with. Following these steps can help ensure that your smile is in no long-term jeopardy.

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