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5 Ways to Protect Your Smile During the Winter

a woman smiling during the winter with a healthy mouth

Winter has arrived! As the days get colder and shorter, it’s time to prepare for the changes of the season. You may consider giving your oral health some extra care to be protected from common winter issues. The brisk weather and dry air can lead to a variety of dental problems like cracked lips, chapped gums, and increased tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, there are things you can take to help combat these seasonal mouth issues. Here are five helpful ways to keep your smile healthy and happy!

#1. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for your overall health, but did you know it also keeps your oral health in check? Not only does drinking plenty of water keep your mouth hydrated, it also reduces the risk of dryness-related issues. When your mouth is dry, there is a decrease in saliva. Saliva production is vital to your dental health because it washes away harmful bacteria and food particles, which can lead to cavities. Staying hydrated is an added protection from dreaded tooth decay!

#2. Use a Humidifier

One way to reduce the risk of cold-weather-related dental problems is by using a humidifier in your home or office. This helpful device helps increase moisture levels in the air, which prevents cracking around the lips and gums. It is a wonderful way to reduce the overall discomfort caused by the dry winter air.

#3. Wear Protective Gear

Another important way to help protect your oral health during the winter months is by wearing a scarf or face mask when you go outside. Cold air tends to cause increased sensitivity in the mouth, as well as chapping. These winter essentials will help keep it from coming into contact with your lips, gums, and teeth.

#4. Keep Moisturizing Products on Hand

A cheap and convenient way to protect your smile is to keep your lips moisturized.  Chapped sticks and lip balms will provide added protection from chapping. You can choose products that contain an SPF rating of at least 15 to provide additional protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

#5. Switch to a Specialized Toothpaste

As stated above, the winter months can bring about increased tooth sensitivity during the cold season. To minimize discomfort, try switching your toothpaste – many brands offer special formulas designed specifically to help reduce sensitivity.

And last—but not least! — be sure to keep up with your biannual dental checkups and cleanings. Your dentist can help keep your mouth healthy and ensure that any underlying issues are caught early on before they become more serious problems down the line. They can also provide additional tips for keeping your mouth healthy during the colder months of the year.

With these helpful tips and your extra care, your smile will continue to shine even during the winter months!

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